140922 Twitter: @wn_XF

140922 Twitter: @wn_XF

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140911 Twitter: @HelloYounha - Album Showcase at Tower Records [x][x]

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Younha + Glasses


Younha - People PV GIFs

140902 YouTubeYounha / ユンナ - People M/V

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140821 YouTubeYounha_Ice Bucket Challenge (ALS 아이스 버킷 챌린지)

Younha was nominated by Secret’s Hyosung to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Younha accepted and made a donation to ‘Seungil Hope Foundation’ as well. Younha nominates director Park Jin-Pyo, rapper Olltii, and ice skater Kwak Minjung.

140819 Wealive - Younha Japanese Music Video <People> Preview Stills [1 of 4]

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140813 Twitter - [@younhaholic]: “Thankful for everything" [x]

Thankful for this encounter with a strong mushroom growing on a mountain.." [x]

Thankful for two hours still remaining until I go to work.. I should take pleasure" [x]

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140801 Twitter - [@younhaholic]: “#선미는_예뻐”



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140731 “Bat Girl” Screencaps

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Younha - I Don’t Care (2NE1)

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140722 Twitter - [@MonthlyMelody]: “월간윤종신 7월호 ‘Bat Girl’ with 윤하..윤하 단독컷!!!

Monthly Yoon JongSin’s July ‘Bat Girl’ with Younha.. Younha solo cut!!!

140711 YouTubeYOUNHA(윤하) - The Secret Garden Making

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younha’s dance break (fancam by drighk)

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