I recently decided to stop “coming out" to everyone all the time. I always thought it was necessary because heterosexuality is so ingrained within us to be set as the default for people we meet. I’m attempting to reverse that idea by trying to reduce the shock people have, due to an initial telling.
I’ve decided that, from now on, I’m going to speak of my preferences casually, as if it were your average theme of “boy and girl” attraction that occasionally comes up at times.
'Cause, you know what? I'm as ordinary as anyone else. Why should I have to treat it like it's something I need to confess before continuing with my speech?

How DARE you try to defend gay rights and be some kind of advocate when you yourself are a bigot. I thought you were so open-minded and I thought maybe we could be friends, but after what happened today, I just lost hope for my generation and my hope for those within the LGBT community.
I thought, finally, there’s someone who believes sexuality is a large spectrum of identities, but ohhhh no no no.
It’s black and white to you, isn’t it?
To you, the world is just straight and gay, right?
In your own words, “I don’t believe that someone can be bisexual.”
Well, let me tell you something: By denying the existence of someone’s preference, you are denying them their right to an identity. By denying their right to identify as what they feel they are, you fit right back in with the close-minded heterosexuals whom you try to stand up against.
You are not someone who should try and lead the LGBTQ+ community because, hello, where’s the “B” to you? Just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you automatically get a free ticket to becoming a gay rights spokesperson, especially if you don’t even accept a whole chunk of your cause.
No one gets left out, in my book.

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